TV Review: “Luis Miguel: The Series” (S2, episodes 4-6)


A&E Senior Writer Elías Roman recaps and reviews episodes 4-6 of “Luis Miguel: The Series” in the second room of a three-part installation.

On April 18, Netflix launched the first two episodes of the second season of “Luis Miguel: The Series,” a hit show chronicling the behind-the-scenes life of Mexican pop icon Luis Miguel. In the second installment of our three-part article series, we’ll recap episodes four through six of the series while taking a look at what worked and what didn’t. Read part one here.

The last time we saw Luis Miguel in the 90s, he was struggling to juggle his responsibilities as a father, brother and international pop star. This episode takes a look at Luis Miguel’s relationship with fatherhood, exposing just how inept and unprepared he really is – as well as how quickly he becomes disillusioned. Luis Miguel tends to put his own desires and pleasures ahead of relationships, and he’s no different when it comes to Michelle. No moment in this episode demonstrates it better than when he and the babysitter on Michelle’s set decide to ride him into his trailer, leaving Michelle unattended. While Luis Miguel is busy indulging himself, his daughter disappears, cutting short the babysitter’s and her activity. When Michelle is finally located, Luis Miguel berates her for walking away, refusing to see how he is largely responsible for the whole storyline. He doesn’t seem to realize that if he had put Michelle above his own desires, she wouldn’t have disappeared. For the first time, Luis Miguel seems to be faced with the consequences of his actions, yet he refuses to take responsibility.

Watching Luis Miguel’s inability to confront his weaknesses can be frustrating, but it also reveals how much the privileges of pop celebrity have affected his interpersonal relationships. He is so used to leaving his responsibilities to others that he does not know what to do when he is unable to. It gives viewers valuable insight into the inner workings of Luis Miguel’s psychology, and while frustrating to watch at times, it gives us a chance to better understand it. In the 2000s timeline, his relationship with Michelle hasn’t improved since the last episode – his relationship with his daughter challenges, if not upsets him. He buys her a house, but when Michelle is still not happy, Luis Miguel turns away. We are shown how Luis Miguel’s concept of interpersonal relationships has become distorted, believing that material goods would suffice in place of paternal affection. Despite his emotional awkwardness as a father in both timelines, the episode ends on a heartfelt note. In the ’90s timeline, viewers are treated to an emotional scene of Luis Miguel singing the lyrics to “Ayer” as he watches his daughter. He decides to cut the filming short and leaves the set, declaring that he will be spending time with Michelle. As Luis Miguel and Michelle indulge in ice cream and coloring books, we hope the groundwork for something beautiful is being laid. This emotional rhythm is further heightened when he gives his daughter the book her own mother read to her, showing viewers that Luis Miguel sees hope and healing through his relationship with his young daughter. The episode delivers the final knockout blow to viewers’ hearts when, in the 2000s timeline, we see Michelle deciding to move in with her father, after citing the Italian storybook her father read to her ago. all these years. We find ourselves on a rare uplifting note at the end of this episode, hoping Luis Miguel and his daughter can mend their relationship.

The fifth episode of the series revolves around the deteriorating health of Hugo, Luis Miguel’s manager, as well as the mysterious plans of Patricio Robles. Throughout the series, but especially in the second and fourth episodes of this season, we see how much of Hugo is an integral part of Luis Miguel. He is the voice of reason for Luis Miguel, whether it’s giving up the search for his mother or forming a relationship with his estranged daughter. Their relationship carried a lot of weight, and it looks like it went unrecognized by the show in this episode. Hugo dies and we see Luis Miguel at his mentor’s funeral, but any emotional throb in this scene is quickly repelled by the arrival of Luis Miguel’s grandmother, who seeks custody of Luis Miguel’s younger brother. This last story immediately distracts us from the central subject of this episode.

At the start of the episode, Luis Miguel is seen meeting Frank Sinatra (yes, that one) to talk about doing a duet together. When the plan suddenly fails, it is revealed that Robles was behind his disappearance. The series slowly builds up Robles’ character arc, showing him engaging in shady activities but never explaining his endgame. This keeps viewers engaged and eager to see where this story goes, waiting for the moment when all the waiting pays off. His intentions are finally revealed to us in the sixth episode when he explains to his accomplice that his goal is to get closer to Luis Miguel and become his manager. The series makes it clear that he has no intention of helping Luis Miguel, but rather seeks to build on the singer’s success. He’s cold and calculating, which makes viewers feel like he’s a real threat. Earlier in the season, this implied that there was some sort of money issue with Robles, something viewers can’t help but think about as he tries to fight his way to the top. . Episodes five and six parallel this story of exploitation with another, making viewers sympathize with Luis Miguel.

In the 2000s timeline, there appear to be inconsistencies in Luis Miguel’s finances, hinting at the possibility of his team stealing money from him. This timeline also deals with Luis Miguel’s ear problem, as it reveals to Michelle that she’s healed enough that he can start singing again. Once in the cabin, Luis Miguel is deeply disappointed to learn that he is having trouble singing as before. This leads him to a night of anger in the company of alcohol, creating an even bigger wedge between him and his daughter when he’s too busy drinking to help her when she calls. The tension between father and daughter thickens, as Luis Miguel doesn’t like the idea of ​​his manager and daughter being together, and Michelle feels let down and abandoned once again. The sixth episode shows viewers the timeline of the 2000s, where we see how his worker Jose protected himself from the consequences of the accident in Peru that nearly cost Luis Miguel his ear. Jose gave the impression that it was Mauricio who signed the faulty equipment, creating an heightened sense of dramatic irony, forcing viewers to watch helplessly Luis Miguel get angry with his childhood friend, setting the stage for an explosive season finale.

Release date: April 18, 2021
Featuring: Diego Boneta, Luis Miguel, Anna Favella, scar Jaenada
Created by: Pablo Cruz
Network: Telemundo Telenovelas

Image courtesy of Remezcla.


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