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Luis Miguel with Michael Flynn.

A Republican House candidate from St. Augustine is spending the final days of the primary campaign suspended from Twitter after advocating violence against the feds.

Republican Luis Miguel, who faced incumbent Representative Bobby Payne of Palatka in the redesigned House District 20, was suspended from Twitter after a tweet advocating that Floridians should be able to shoot federal agents on sight.

“Under my plan, all Floridians will be able to shoot the FBI, IRS, ATF and all other Federal troops on sight,” Miguel tweeted. “Let freedom ring.”

Miguel told Florida Politics on Friday that the suspension, which is “permanent” according to a message he received on his Twitter app, “doesn’t affect him at all.” He stands by the proposal, which he says is justified because the IRS has been “armed by dissident forces.”

Click to enlarge Twitter suspends Republican candidate from Florida after advocating shooting federal agents

Miguel is still active on Instagram, where the message advocating shooting federal agents is still posted, amid a slew of other hateful graphics mourning the loss of Confederate statues (“memories of the south,” they wrote. he called), advocating “full enforcement” of the Stop Woke Act, and other sops to the so-called populist right.

“They won’t take our AR-15s,” he swears in a post.

He is also still on Facebook. The same message comes back.

Payne dismissed Miguel’s comments in the meantime.

“The FBI is law enforcement,” the lawmaker noted, and regardless of people’s views on any enforcement action, including the controversial seizure of documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, the application of the law must be respected.

Noting that he had never met “anti-establishment” Miguel, he said that candidates like this are often pushed into wild statements for attention given the lack of a viable resume, and their main function is to “divide the party”. in the primaries.

Miguel and Payne are in an open primary in the new HD 20, a district where Republicans dominate registration but Democrats and non-party voters can vote in this election.

Miguel raised just over $4,000 as a contestant, meaning social media was key to his message. Payne raised almost $140,000 in hard money and didn’t need to spend it against his opponent. He had more than $110,000 on hand as of August 5.

Payne was first elected in 2016, and if reelected, it will be his last term in Tallahassee.

This article first appeared in Florida Politics.

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