Unexpected: Diego Boneta will be chased by Luis Miguel actor

Diego Boneta he is at the peak of his career. It’s a fact. The 30-year-old Mexican actor rose to prominence for his role as Luis Miguel on the Netflix series, and since then her life has changed dramatically. Although he has been an actor for some time, it is undoubtedly the occasion that allowed him to transcend himself. In fact, he will play alongside Alexandra Daddario a new version very different from Romeo and Juliet for cinema.

Everything seems perfect on Diego’s path, but one last piece of news could obscure what he’s going through. We learned that an actor of Luis Miguel, the series has decided legally sue him for assault. You are told who he is and how the episode went for which he will be prosecuted.

Diego Boneta will file a complaint for abuse

Martín Bello to sue Diego Boneta (Photo: IMDb / Netflix)

The interpreter in question is Martin Bello, who in the series plays Tito, Luis Miguel’s uncle. As detailed on the site TVyNovelas from Mexico, the Spanish artist claimed he would take legal action against Boneta over a scene that apparently got out of hand. The event took place in episode number 1 where the character tells Luis Miguel what happened to his mother, Marcela.

If you’ve seen the series, you’ll surely remember the characters going into a heated discussion that ends with bangs. However, what should have remained a simple staging, for Bello it was not. The actor said that after this fictitious “altercation” he had bruises and wounds on his body. But that’s not all. Bello indicated that they had to assist him in a nearby hospital and that, as if that were not enough, then disappeared from the project.

Tito only appears in the first chapter of the series in the second season and, according to Bello, this also had no explanation from the production team. “So they cut my character because I was supposed to continue in the project“the actor said.

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