Vibrant Arts Pop-Up announces a program in the largest free space on the sidelines of COP26

The versatile pop-up event space, The Landing Hub, is unveiled today (Wednesday, October 20). The Landing Hub is also announcing its exciting program of film screenings, workshops, performances, visual art installations, lectures and free fundraising nights that will take place during the COP26 conference.

Highlights of the opening weekend include the Landing Hub opening night which will take place on Friday, October 29 from 6 p.m. The pop-up opens its doors to welcome artists and musicians: the Pilgrims of Nature, the Seed Sistas and Roo and Pablo for an evening of majestic performances. Expect Scottish folk music, plant wisdom, and amazing audiovisuals. Join a group of ordinary people who embark on an extraordinary odyssey, traveling 500 miles to the Albion Spine, an ancient ley line running along Britain’s longest north-south axis. After eight weeks of marching, they arrived in Glasgow ready for the opening weekend of UNCOP26. The Pilgrims created an uplifting ceremony to celebrate the opening of The Landing Hub and kick off the conference from scratch.

The opening night also hosts Strange Loop (by VJ Jamie Wardrop and musician Sita Pieraccini) which will also be performed on Saturday, November 7. Bring an offering on opening night, dress up as your favorite plant, and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing visual installation. Party-goers are invited to bring foliage which, under the microscope, will transform into cosmic universes before your eyes.

Other highlights include the Scottish conceptual visual artist Robert montgomerythe unveiling of a new large-scale work of art Grace of the Sun on Saturday, October 30. The installation was carried out using Little Sun solar lights designed by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen, and made in Glasgow in collaboration with the local art community. Measuring 11 meters by 5 meters, the giant solar-powered luminous poem will light up every day at sunset as a poetic beacon of hope for Glasgow. Visitors to the space are invited to join the installation every day between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The Seed Sistas present – Voices From The Hedgerow performance conference continues opening weekend on Saturday, October 30. Come find the space between worlds – where fairies play tricks, where hedges open with gifts of medicine, food and magic. Voices from the Hedgerow brings humor, joy and hope where there has been destruction and loss. Come learn about the plants themselves.

Katy Dye’s Climate Grief karaoke (supported by Tramway) which invites you to express ecological mourning in song on Saturday, November 12. Whether it’s Reef Grief, Glacial Depression, Heatwave Angst or North Pole Numbness, join her for a pop event where your favorite power ballads or heart-wrenching hymns can help us unleash a heartbreak huge enough to shake. tectonic plates and Penny Chivas’s premieres a special version of her dance-drama Burnt Out for the Landing Hub on Saturday, November 12. The show mixes personal facts and stories and is presented as an intimate story and universal meditation on an Australian’s experience of our changing climate.

In addition to centering Indigenous voices in the program, the Landing Hub will also highlight architectural responses to our changing world. On Sunday November 2, Parisian architects Jakob + MacFarlane and Uili Lousi (artist and environmental activist based in Tonga) present their visionary project TongAbove. As sea levels rise due to climate change, Lousi’s homeland Tonga is threatened with disappearing underwater, TongAbove is a response to this extreme condition, drawing inspiration from nature to come up with a new cityscape.

Later in the afternoon, documentary director Chris Leslie and architect Jude Barber discuss Glasgow’s changing landscape during the second public screening of the documentary (Re) imagining Glasgow. On Thursday, November 11, Scott MacAuley, founder of the Anthropocene Architecture School, reinvents our built environments as, perhaps, the greatest opportunity for transformative climate action we have at our fingertips, explores what that future might look like and start cultivating the conditions to make it a reality.

Pedro Perez presents his project “Artivismo Pintando Murales Derribamos Muros” on Wednesday November 3 (“By painting murals we tear down the walls”), a “mural scale” digital exhibition where he documented murals from around the world with a story of climate justice. Pedro will present the work in the wider context of Artivismo in Latin America, offer postcards of murals to write and send from The Landing Hub and organize banner-making workshops with local artists in preparation for the Day. global action on Saturday 6 November.

The ONCA gallery in Brighton will host the Landing Hub space on Thursday 4 November. Join representatives from a range of activist organizations for a series of lectures and short films by indigenous artists and land defenders from Brazil, Cambodia and the United Kingdom. Advocates and researchers will share films that explore and highlight a wide range of lived experiences and resistance to ecologically and culturally destructive mining projects, ranging from mega dams and logging to the construction of HS2.

On Friday November 5, the Landing Hub welcomes the indigenous occupation of Xingu in collaboration with People’s Palace Projects for a day of films, music, language workshops and climate conversations for all ages connecting the indigenous village Kuikuro in the Amazon Basin and the United Kingdom. Award-winning Indigenous filmmaker Takumā Kuikuro will present a program of short films from his personal archives of more than 10 years of making, traditional singer Yamalui Kuikuro will lead a workshop on the Karib language, spoken only by the 650 Kuikuro in six villages along the Xingu river. People’s Palace Projects will host a panel, a cultural exchange between young people from Wales and indigenous young people from Xingu who document their experiences of climate change and what it means for their way of life.

The takeover of the People’s Summit by the COP26 coalition is at the Landing Hub from November 8 to 10. As world leaders come together to discuss our future at COP26, the COP coalition and the People’s Summit will together strengthen the power for system change. Bringing together the climate justice movement to discuss, learn and strategize for system change. Join them in person or online for their launch at Landing Hub, see for more details. Watch our social networks for full program updates.

Scotland-based Radio Buena Vida guest DJs and selectors will play music from around the world connecting with the voices, cultures and energies that will flow through the Hub. DJs include Butoh The Warrior, Neighboring Sounds w / Osh ‘, Conna Haraway from INDEX Records, Women 45, Sacred music from Brazil with Nightwave and Georgina Penstkart.

The Landing Hub will also host other panel discussions, workshops, film events and conferences throughout the program – please see the Sustainable Glasgow Landing website for details.

At the larger Sustainable Glasgow Landing site, Glasgow residents, visitors to the city and delegates are invited to explore vertical farming with Passivhaus technologies, through sustainable power generation and active travel solutions as well as ‘an avenue of local and international exhibitors alongside an’ exhibition arbor ‘leading to The Landing Hub.

Watch our social media for more announcements from event partners The Sustainable Glasgow Landing, Landing Hub and Landing Hub.

Becca Thomas (ARB), Creative Director and Architect, New Practice, said: “New Practice is delighted to bring this project together, in collaboration with Inhouse, for Glasgow City Council, which will provide a valuable public space to come together, discuss and learn during COP26. We will bring this vacant site to life and welcome local and global organizations responding to the challenges of the climate crisis. New Practice is delighted to invite Glasgow, local organizations, global communities and delegates to this new riverside space “

Glasgow City Council Chief Cllr Susan Aitken said: ‘As world leaders meet at the SEC, Sustainable Glasgow Landing is a place where the city’s residents and communities can come together and have their own. conversation about the climate crisis.

“The exciting program of events reflects the fact that Glasgow, its urban region and Scotland are all innovative and ambitious places; where lasting solutions to immense challenges can be found and where the lives of ordinary citizens are absolutely essential to a just transition to net zero.

“I can’t wait to see how Glasgow and the visiting delegates react – and how they make it their own.”

Kirsty Hood and Bex Anson of Glasgow-based events company Inhouse said: “After an incredible summer of community events at Queens Park Arena in South Glasgow, Inhouse was delighted to be invited by the architects of New Practice to collaborate to bring “The Landing Hub” to life. , a new temporary event space on the banks of the Clyde at 220 Broomielaw.

“With all eyes on Glasgow for the vital COP26 conference, we are focused on expanding the reach of the climate justice movement through the arts, and have welcomed on board theater provocateur Bex Anson (Megahertz ) who has experience in site-specific interventions and multi-arts projects to co-program the space with us.

“With our collective passion for creating inspiring accessibility-focused events, we look forward to facilitating frontline activists and artists and giving space to Indigenous voices that need to be heard. “

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