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WACO, Texas- It’s lights, camera, action as Waco Civic Theater summer camp prepares its Disney musical descendants!

After being on leave due to COVID-19, they are happy to return to the stage with a live audience.

Caleb Rinehart is an actor in the musical, and he says being back on stage to make people laugh is his favorite.

“Bonding with your cast mates is really important because I’ve been here for a month with these people,” Rinehart said. “It’s important to build trust and bond off the stage. “

Descendants’ musical director Krystal Marshall says it has been wonderful to see the children’s groups bond and that she’s happy to be back.

“Everyone was so excited to be back on stage,” said Marshall. “It doesn’t matter that they’re in six scenes and they come out and say, ‘Yeah, yeah!’ Whatever they do, they are all just happy and excited to be a part of it. “

In preparation for the show, the cast members practice five days a week for four hours. Sophia Bateson, who plays mother Cruella on the show, uses her time to play the character.

“From time to time, I approach Adrien saying: ‘Hello, kid. “You are definitely my child,” Bateson said.

The musical depicts four mean children who have tough choices to make – follow in their parents’ footsteps and follow mean paths, or take a different path and learn to be good.

Ainsley Kennedy says she was part of the Waco Civic Theater since the age of eight. During COVID, she failed to perform and she looks forward to all three shows this weekend.

“The four VK [Villian Kids], we have our little handshake that we do in the show, ”Kennedy said. “We do it a few times just to get excited, and then we’re so ready at the end.”

“I missed it so much. In fact, being on stage and singing with a bunch of people that I’m really good friends with, ”actor Adrien Owens said.

Marshall says she saw the kids at the camp grow up, and that makes her proud. She is also grateful for using the Bishop Reicher High School building for the practices and the live performance.

“A week ago when we started our full series of the show, you could see the big picture of what it was going to be, and it was strong,” Marshall said. “Now you see it all and it’s just fun. It is powerful. There is something for everyone. “

To purchase tickets you can visit the Waco Civic Theater website.

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