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ROGERSVILLE – Despite being a scaled-down Rogersville July 4th celebration this year, co-host Mark DeWitte said it would be “the greatest fireworks show we’ve ever had. “.

On Tuesday, the Rogersville Mayor and Aldermen’s Council agreed to open Rogersville City Park for the annual July 4 celebration, which will take place on Saturday July 3 of this year, as the fourth is a Sunday.

Previous events

For the past few years, the 4th of July celebration has consisted of a full day of activities including live music, food, free swimming, games and children’s attractions. Renowned musical headliners performed before the fireworks display and, at its peak, the event drew approximately 30,000 people to Rogersville.

The event, however, lost a major sponsor in 2016 and has since scaled back its activities. Last year, as the pandemic raged, it was all about fireworks, although organizers said it was really all they had money to pay anyway. .

When the Celebration Committee disbanded in January, longtime organizer DeWitte and event founder Dr Blaine Jones decided to step up and try to shake things up.

DeWitte, who is a Rogersville city councilor, told the BMA on Tuesday that the only official event at the city park on July 3 would be the fireworks display.

What is planned?

“We have the biggest fireworks show we have ever had,” DeWitte told the board. “If you know some of the ones we’ve had, then you know this one is going to be great.”

DeWitte said there will be a sound system on the stage and a DJ will play music from 5 p.m. for people who want to come for a picnic and stake out some land in the park early for the fireworks.

Later, a fireworks soundtrack will play over the audio system during the show, which begins at 9:30 p.m.

WRGS radio will also broadcast the soundtrack live during the fireworks display.

The July 4 committee doesn’t allow any food, but DeWitte said he wouldn’t be surprised if food trucks show up at the park that day.


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