What Aracely Arámbula said to Luis Miguel’s brother

Aracely Arámbula has been honest in front of several media.

Aracely Arambula. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambulaeu Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 02/16/2022 08:00 AM Share this article

Aracely Arambulaspoke with some media upon his arrival in Guadalajara. There, the ex-partner of Luis Miguel had an appointment with the audience of the play “Why do men love female dogs so much.”

The room they play in Aracely Arambula, Mauricio Ochmann and Anastasia Acosta gave two performances last weekend at the Teatro Galerías. The actors deploy all their talent and their career to tell a story of frustrated lovers who learn to be independent and more sure of themselves.

In this context, Aracely He spoke in front of the cameras of several media who questioned him about his professional projects, but also about his private life. The actress who was in a relationship with Luis Miguel for four years and had two sons, Miguel and Daniel, responded wholeheartedly, cordial and cheerful as she is characterized.& nbsp;

Source: Instagram @anagamez0724

We know that a few days ago, alexander basterI launched a collection of clothes in homage to his mother. She therefore communicated it from his Instagram account, where the businessman frequently dedicates photographs and messages of admiration and affection to Marcela Basteri. This is why, consulted by the communicators of “Venga la alegría TV”, Aracely Arambula mentioned this new project by the brother of Luis Miguel.

Source: Instagram @bastericollection

Arambula indirectly sent greetings to Alexandre Basteri and declared in front of the journalists present: “What a father! How nice ! “, in reference to the new project of his ex-brother-in-law, “Basteri Collection”. “I really wish you all the success in the world” and “I wish my dear Alex much success”, these are the phrases with which Aracely underlined and clarified the relationship she has with one of the younger brothers of Luis Miguel . Next, “La Chule” talked about her children, who do not rule out the possibility of entering the world of performing arts.

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