What does it mean when your joints keep cracking?

When you move, you can sometimes hear your joints cracking. This is known as crepitus, Latin for “rattle”, according to Health Line. These little pops can either give you relief, make you slightly uncomfortable, or inspire you with no sensation. However, hearing all the crunches can cause you concern about the health of your joints. After all, these sounds are surely not normal. But, orthopedic surgeon Kim L. Stearns, MD, said Cleaveland clinic, “This is a normal and common occurrence.”

You’ve probably noticed that the older you get, the more you hear these types of noises. There is a reason for this. “The older you get, the louder your joints can make, as part of your cartilage wears down as part of the normal aging process,” said Dr. Stearns. “Then those surfaces get a little rougher so you get more noise when they rub against each other.” While some joint cracks are normal and not of concern, you should contact a doctor in some cases. Read on to determine when the snap, crackle, and pop may indicate a problem.

Here’s when you should see a doctor

There is good news if you are concerned that your joints will crack and cause arthritis. Health Line reported that it does not cause arthritis to crack your knuckles or other joints. Instead, this belief is just an old wives tale.

When should you be concerned about cracking your joints? “As long as it’s not painful, the joint noise is okay,” said Dr. Kim L. Stearns Cleaveland clinic. “If there is pain, you may have an injury, then it needs treatment.” Rehabilitation orthopedic medicine reported that clicking and cracking could be a sign of arthritis, which is part of the normal aging process. Arthritis and the resulting joint noises can be painful. The sounds you hear may indicate that your bones are rubbing against each other if your cartilage has worn down. When you experience joint pain and your joints crack, you should see your doctor to treat the underlying disease.

Here is what can cause cracking noises in the joints

If you don’t feel pain when your joints crack, chances are you don’t have to worry about arthritis just yet. According to Health Line, the sounds you hear may be a result of the movement of your muscles. Additionally, joint cracking can occur when cavities or bubbles form in your synovial fluid, which contains oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to help cushion your bones. When these bubbles or cavities burst, you hear crackling sounds.

According to Cleveland Clinic, if you notice clicking while doing repetitive exercises, it may be a sign that your muscles are tight. Dr. Kim L. Stearns recommended gentle stretches to help relax your tight muscles. If you hear more joint crackles than you would like and don’t worry about it being due to arthritis, there is a solution to help reduce the amount of noise you hear. “We say movement is lotion – the more you move, the more your body lubricates,” noted Dr. Stearns. “When you are sitting or lying down, the fluid in the joints does not move. The more active you are, the more your joints lubricate. »Take a yoga mat and make a habit of stretching regularly throughout the day.

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