What does the model Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro fell in love with at the same time look like today?

Luis Miguel and Christian Castro two are the biggest statistics in the music industry Mexico and everyone. However, despite this, the artists never agreed to a collaboration because they have a To oppose which contains a women,

Note that in the third season of the Netflix series “Luis Miguel”, the reason for the end of the friendship between these two representatives of the musical is revealed. And that both the “Sun of Mexico” and Veronica Castro’s son, to fall in love similar women And this became the reason for the estrangement between the two stars.

Cristian Castro met Daisy Fuentes during a photo session.

Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro fell in love with the same woman

In an interview for the Argentinian program “We can talk”, Christian Castro They said The last Of between Which paired her with Luis Miguel. The problem arose in the 90s and the reason for the breakup was the feelings of the two actors towards the Cuban model Daisy Fuentes.

Castro pointed out that the problem started when “El Sol” started approaching her, which angered her and led to a rivalry that continues to this day. Castro revealed on this occasion: “I was disappointed in his personality (of Luis Miguel) because I was dating a girl named Daisy Fuentes and the truth is that he disappointed me because he came to attend, it drove us away.”

Luis Miguel had a passing love affair.

Marguerite Fuentes today

at present old model Cuba Marguerite Fuentes one is successful businesswomanHe lives in the United States and runs his own Mark of accomplish and his Fragrancecalled “Mysteriodedica”, which has been in continuous development since 2011.

What does the model Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro fell in love with at the same time look like today?
This is what Deisy Fuentes currently looks like.

In addition, the Cuban-American model and actress is dedicated to Company Watches, swimwear and clothing. We know that since 2005 it is married with singer Richard MarxWith whom he constantly shares photos via his social network. It should be noted that Daisy and Cristian met during a photo shoot and it was from there that a strong bond was born between them, but Fuentes then moved in with Luis Miguel, with whom he had a romance.

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