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The documentary series on the life of the artist Luis Miguel has released its third chapter of the second season, so little by little we are entering the personal life of the singer. In the chapter we see how Luis Miguel has two brothers, Alexander Yes Sergio and also how is the relationship with them. Sergio, the youngest child of Marcerla Basteri and the singer King Luisito, is the most unknown of the three. He was born in a difficult family period, where her mother was having a seizure with her father and also had some health issues due to severe depression.

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Faced with the constant “fights” of the couple, they decided each of them to start their life, also separating the life of their children. Sergio went to Italy with his mother, who disappeared when the little one was only 2 years old. At all times, from an early age, he appears as a child with great talent, with an impressive gift for music.

Luis Miguel, with his successful life and an increasingly better musical career, he couldn’t take care of his younger brother after the death of his father and that is why they entrusted the care to the doctor Octavio Darkerrada, a family doctor, who took him to Boston and is like a father to the younger brother.

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What happened between the brothers?

During his academic era, there was a strongCombat between Luis Miguel and Sergio due to an ex-partner of Sol de México and a discussion about where the young man should study. It seems that at that point Luis Miguel was not having his best time and it has been since they have no type of relationship, their lives having been completely separated.

Sergio currently lives in Spain and maintains only a close relationship with his brother Alejandro. He is also known to have a privileged mind as a law student and as a musician. Sergio wanted to live a life completely away from the media.

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