What happened to Patricio Robles and Luis Miguel?

What happened to Patricio Robles and Luis Miguel?

The relation between Patricio Robles and Luis Miguel It was one of the key moments that were seen in the last season of Luis Miguel, the series, Patricio Robles became the villain of the story.

From the second season of the Luis Miguel series, Patricio showed his intentions of being the director of Luis Miguel and in the third, when he was successful, he started stealing money from the singer.

If you want to know who Patricio Robles is in real life, then The news of truth He shares all the details of this role which intrigued many viewers.

Who is Patricio Robles in real life?

Who is Patricio Robles in real life?

Patricio Robles does not exist he didn’t exist in real life either; There has never been anyone with that name close to Luis Miguel. The character was inspired by several managers who worked with the singer after López’s death in 1993, Pablo Cruz himself pointed this out in some interviews.

Although some netizens claim that the person Patricio represents is Mauricio Abaroa. Abaroa worked with Luis Miguel for a few years, reaching its peak when he managed to get the singer to meet and collaborate with America’s biggest musical idol, Frank Sinatra.

Additionally, Mauricio was the executive producer of one of Luis Miguel’s most successful albums: Aries, released in 1993 and featuring the songs “Suave”, “Until You Forget Me” and ” Tu y yo”.

Who betrayed Luis Miguel?

What happened to Patricio Robles and Luis Miguel?

Manager who betrayed Luis Miguel

Some versions indicate Hugo Lopez, former coach, he cheated on Luis Miguel. This version was also supported in the book written by journalist Javier León Herrera, Luis Miguel, the story: the truth about the life of the most successful Mexican singer of all time.

According to which, the audits of the singer’s estate took place in the early 2000s, when “El Sol” wanted to start his own vineyard, exactly as was reflected in the production of Netflix. And during the audits, it was discovered that Hugo had put properties in his name, as well as in the name of his wife. Taking advantage of the trust that existed between them.

Who is Luis Miguel’s current manager?

What happened to Patricio Robles and Luis Miguel?

Who is Luis Miguel’s manager?

Luis Miguel creates his own own production and management companyCalled Aries Productions and headed by Mauricio Abaroa, the company takes its name from Luis Miguel’s ninth album and has also been embroiled in a liability payout controversy.

Patrick Oaks and Luis Miguel in the series they are the result of all the managerial experiences that the singer has had during his career.

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