What is the Mossad? Did you help Luis Miguel find his mother?

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Diego Bonita as Luis Miguel in the second season.

It had already been introduced to us at the end of the first season, but in the first two episodes of this episode, the presence of an investigation in which the Israeli intelligence and espionage service Mossad was involved in the search for the mother. of the Mexican. singer was expanded. . Louis Miguel.

In real life, Marcella Bastery mysteriously disappeared and the research and clarification of this episode is part of the singer’s legend. In the series written by the narrator Daniel krause Through the many biographical books authorized by the singer himself, a deep and direct relationship between Luismi and the agents of this agency is revealed.

© Provided by WHO

© Provided by WHO

The Mossad is one of the largest and most important spy, intelligence, covert and counterterrorism operations in the world. Some of its operations include searching for Nazi war criminals in Argentina, releasing passengers from a hijacked plane at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, and some operations have targeted Palestinian leaders.

The organization is named after the Hebrew abbreviation of its full name, which translates into Spanish as the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. It appears to be an independent body and enjoys a chapter of the laws of the State of Israel.

Until before 1999, few details about this organization were known. Many of them are still a mystery. But that year, author Gordon Thomas was able to get close enough, through interviews and testimonials from clients, informants and organization leaders; Documents and confidential sources reveal data on this elite group founded in 1951.

Spoiler alert

Going back to the Luis Miguel series, in the first season it is suggested that through Federico de la Madrid, son of Miguel de la Madrid, Luis Miguel contacted the Mossad to search for all traces of his missing mother.

In the early episodes of this new version, this point continues. Mossad confirms woman who used Marcela Bastery documents and cards at a bank is not Lucy Miguel’s mother and claims she is another woman the singer’s brother knows as a resident of the neighborhood Madrid residential area of ​​Las Matas.

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This characteristic will have significance later in the series as a series of conversations indicate that Marcel’s body may be in this characteristic. In fiction, this poses an ethical dilemma for the character played by Diego Bonita, at which point he decides to stop all research related to Mossad.

In real life, there is no public record of the singer’s relationship with the Israeli agency. Self-authorized biographer Javier Leon Herrera said it was just rumors. What is recorded are investigations carried out by INTERPOL and the FBI.

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