When was the last time Luis Miguel saw Marcela Basteri and how old was he?


For the younger generations, Luis Miguel perhaps he was a complete stranger until the series of Netflix premiered in 2018. The iconic singer and one of the most important representatives of Latin music, rose to prominence in the 80s and built an incredibly successful career. However, if there is something that has always been a mystery about him, it is his personal life. His family, childhood and romantic relationships have always been unknown.

This is why the premiere of the series which has its executive production tries to tell how his rise to fame has been and shows us the villainous role his father played in this part. Luis Rey. But, while the series tells all of this, there are still many unanswered questions about her mother’s mysterious disappearance. What happened with Marcela basteri exactly? And to better understand what could have happened to him, we review the day he would have seen Luis Miguel for the last time.

Luis Miguel: when was the last time you saw your mother Marcela Basteri

Anna Favella plays Marcela Basteri and Luis Miguel, the series (Photo: IMDb / Netflix)

It was in the mid-80s, Luis Miguel’s career was growing by leaps and bounds. He was only 15 years old and had a really bright future. However, this enormous success and affection from the public contrasted with what had transpired within his family. While Luis Rey, her father, took care of everything that had to do with her music and represented her, he also physically and verbally abused his mother Marcela, thus forcing her to withdraw from her son’s life.

Bossy and bully, as the show shows, this made Basteri longing to have nothing more to do with him and that was the start of what would end with his demise a few months later. There are two versions of the last time Luismi saw his mother. One, maintains that the woman was in a concert that the young man gave at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, in 1985, of which there is a video. This is where Luis Miguel, 15, sings the song to him. Marcela.

Meanwhile, there is also the version of Jaime Vas, one of the singer’s managers at the time. The man indicated that he saw her again the following year, that is to say in 1986, at Madrid airport. In an interview with The third, the Chilean producer assures that he was also present at this meeting of Luis Miguel, Marcela and Luisito Rey.

It is true that Marcela BasterI was last seen that year at an airport in Italy. Although in the following days she had contact with relatives by phone, such as her aunt Adua Basteri, after that she never appeared again. According to Luis Miguel’s biographer Javier León Herrera, Basteri’s march has not been known since September 1986. The theories are diverse, but according to the story told by the Mexican Sun in Season 2, the woman died and her father was responsible for it.

Meanwhile, Luis Rey died, years after Basteri’s disappearance in 1992 in the city of Barcelona from severe pneumonia.

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