Which child of Luis Miguel is the godmother of Paloma Cuevas?

Lately, the name of Pigeon caves has gained strength among users of Internet and social networksSince he has been linked to Luis Miguel, and it has also been speculated that will maintain the relationship,

As we remember, photos appeared recently, which showed that “mexican sun“Walking the streets of Madrid with a Spanish businessman and designer, what a romantic date it would be.

information about after Identification of Paloma Cuevas spread, in particular that she was the companion of the interpreter of “I have everything but you” and that she has known him since they were both young.

Belonged to Spanish designer Luis Miguel (Photo: Paloma Cuevas/Instagram)

It’s no secret that friendship Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevaso This went on for many years, although they were never single, with one of them still dating established personalities from the show.

The two are childhood friends, since the singer’s father, King LuisitoVictoriano, Paloma’s father, fought at the Capias in Valencia. This is where they grew up under their family’s passion, bullfighting.

Over the years, relations between nationalized Spanish and Puerto Rican Mexicans grew closer, and when the designer married bullfighter Enrique Ponce, she agreed to be his godmother. son of Luis Miguel and Arcelli Arambula in 2007.

Nowadays, Miguel and Daniele Gallego Arambula15 and 13, respectively, are the last children of the singer, who have already become Michelle Salas’ fatherWho is 32 now.

Although a relationship between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas is not confirmed, the bond that unites them will keep them together, despite a possible break, since it was the Spaniard who introduced her. Genoveva CasanovaOne of the singer’s greatest loves.

The Spanish designer enjoys a long friendship with Luis Miguel (Photo: Paloma Cuevas / Instagram)
The Spanish designer enjoys a long friendship with Luis Miguel (Photo: Paloma Cuevas / Instagram)

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