Why did Luis Miguel’s brothers sever ties with the singer?

As we have already informed you in The topicality of the truth, The series of Luis MigueIt sweeps through audience levels, so in the first few episodes many questioners came out, among them What Happened to Luis Miguel’s brothers?.

In fact, in the series itself, we can see that in the singer’s young version he is related to Alex and SergioBut the adult version is a bit more lonely, focusing solely on her relationship with her daughter and her career.

Therefore, if you are wondering, what happened to Luis Miguel’s brothers? Here we will talk about it a bit more.

The average family brother “Gallego Basteri”, AlejandroHe is the only of the brothers born in Spain, and after (as we saw in the series) the successful singer withdrew his financial support, he devoted himself to the world of business.

He has invested in the construction world and also owns several gas stations.

Alex is also active on social networks, where he presents his new projects, in fact, he recently launched a clothing line with his mother’s name, to pay tribute to her.

Your relationship with Luis Miguel He was affected by the distancing, due to the careers of the two, however, they maintain communication, this according to Juan Manuel Navarro, journalist and author of three books on the performer.

According to the aforementioned writer, the separation between the “Hasta Que Me Forget” singer and his brother was caused by an argument over Sergio’s academic future.

While the youngest wanted to study anthropology in England, the singer wanted his little brother to study law at Harvard University.

Luis Miguel and he had a very strong argument 20 years ago in New York, where they met to decide the boy’s college future, and they’ve already broken the relationship. “

After the fight, the singer stopped funding it, and his little brother left the United States for Guadalajara, where “Doc” Octavio Foncerrada he took responsibility for the young man.

While the singer continues to prioritize his artistic career, the two younger brothers of “Micky” maintain a relationship, indeed, a few years ago, Alejandro Basteri and his brother were seen together at a reunion.

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