Why doesn’t Luis Miguel want to see his children? Revealing the conditions imposed on Araceli Arambulu

Luis Miguel He is one of the most recognized and respected artists in the world of entertainment because his musical talent has allowed him to enter the major national and international stages. However, her career success has been overshadowed by controversies surrounding her personal life, such as in the case of her relationship with son what did you have with Araceli Arambula Good Nope the bone wanna see, disclosure what did he put terms to do this.

Relationship between Luis Miguel at Araceli Arambula He was very famous in his day as both of them were at the peak of their careers. However, their split became a bitter pill for both as it is speculated they ended badly as the soap opera actress complained about her bad dad who was the ‘Sun of Mexico’ with his son.

Luis Miguel does not want to see his children and sets conditions for Araceli Arambula

When the relationship is broken between Araceli Arambulathe famous always complained about the bad father that he was Luis Miguel with their sonbecause he wasn’t financially responsible for them and didn’t want to see them, and it seems the “Unconditional” singer didn’t have a good relationship with the actress’ family because it was the one of the reasons for their estrangement.

Apparently Luis Miguel set a number terms a Araceli Arambula to be able to see to his children because, given the bad relationship he had with the same actress as his relatives, he took measures in the matter and indicated that none of the relatives of the celebrity could accompany Miguel and Daniel when they saw him, except for the father of the chihuahua.

According to the media, Luis Miguel could not see his former son-in-law and plastic surgeon Leonardo Arambula, because this renunciation has happened since the time of the sun of Mexico and Araceli Arambula They started their relationship since he was an informant for many paparazzi, because he told them where they were going, among other things, but what bothered the singer the most was that the actress’ brother responsible for that.

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