Why Eminem feels nervous about Super Bowl halftime performance

Some Super Bowl viewers this year will focus on which team comes out on top, but others will focus more on the halftime show. For Super Bowl 56 on February 13, halftime entertainment will be provided by hip-hop heavyweights Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar as well as Power: Book IIis Mary J. Blige. While these music superstars are used to performing in arenas and stadiums, the NFL’s Biggest Game halftime show is a whole different animal. And Eminem is aware of this, as he was candid about his nervousness ahead of the scheduled performance.

The Oscar-winning rapper has performed numerous times on live television for major awards shows like the Grammys and the MTV VMAs. Super Bowl performance is that, and more. Eminem was surprised when his producer and mentor, Dr. Dre, called him to perform on the halftime show. The “Rap God” artist spoke to Shade 45 about the pressure that comes with being part of the halftime show.

I’ll tell you, it’s annoying. It’s fucking annoying. This for me – there is nothing more definitive than live television. So if you screw up, your shit is there forever.

It seems playing on stages around the world didn’t prepare him for this opportunity. With live TV in the age of social media, the performance will be “there forever” as the rap superstar pointed out. In the same Shade 45 interview, Eminem talked more about the pressure of doing the halftime show. The rapper recalled what it was like to be asked by Dr. Dre to be on the show.

When Dre first asked me, when everything started to go downhill and we were like, ‘OK, this could be really serious’, I was trying to imagine what Dre might do. I thought, yeah, it’s great that we’re all going to rap together, and that kind of stuff, but I didn’t expect the production to be like that.

The rap music icon’s Index signals that the Super Bowl performance is about to have the internet talking. Of course, having Dr. Dre curate the exhibit will allow the event to flow from artist to artist effortlessly. The production alone seems like the biggest thing to happen to hip-hop in a long time. It looks like hip-hop super-producer Eminem and the rest of the bands are preparing to unleash something big.

A lot of things revolve around this year’s halftime show. Dr. Dre has a clever plan in place to prevent Super Bowl spoilers by playing rock music like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi to cover the soundcheck. The strategy is understandable given the multiple discographies he has to squeeze into a 12-minute set. He’s already pumped millions of his money into pulling off a spectacular extravaganza, which he could have lost had the Omicron COVID variant destroyed the performance.

Of course, viewers will have to wait until February 13 to see just how well Eminem, Dr. Dre and their co-headliners are doing during the musical event. Hopefully the show will break streaming records like The Weeknd’s performance last year. You can find the outlets to watch or stream Super Bowl 2022 to see how the whole event unfolds. If football isn’t your thing, you can check out our 2022 TV schedule to find what’s right for you.

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