XIMER, An Electronic Concept Musical, Debuts at ATA in October

Producers John Lant and Markus Ferraro in association with Write Act Repertory today announced their new Off-Broadway production, concept music, XIMER, (pronounced “shimmer”). It will make its debut at the American Theater of Actors (314 West 54th Street, New York). Performances take place from October 19 to 30.

XIMER is an all-electronic musical where you will be immersed in a club world. Audiences are transported through key moments in LGBTQ+ history showing how pain can be handled for good in the right hands. Although dark and disturbing, XIMER speaks to the light in all of us, urges us to stand up for what is right and shows that love will always win.

In XIMER, Bradley Fitch is separated from his parents after dating and proposing to James Honeycomb and is immediately kicked out of the family home. Bradley’s sister, Miss Dixie, welcomes Bradley to the big city of Spectral (inspired by Frank Miller’s Sin City). The lure of the city’s nightlife soon consumes Bradley. His naivety is eventually taken advantage of and he is murdered in a hate crime. Her death awakens the XIMER (twinkle) inside Miss Dixie (the seventh sense) and with it, four ethereal spirits (Dixie’s past lives). Armed with this newfound power, Dixie discovers that taking matters into her own hands is the only option left to avenge the death of her beloved brother.

“To combine all the elements necessary to bring XIMER to life on stage as I have always imagined it to be has been a dream of mine for many years,” said show creator and co-producer Markus Ferraro. “This show is for theater fans who love electronic music, EDM fans who love a good story, and comic book fans who can get excited about a new LGBTQ superhero born from the community itself. .”

The production will be done in person and in compliance with all COVID safety rules required at the time of performances. This play is intended for an adult audience and is rated NC-17. There is no nudity, but there is explicit content with adult themes and language.

Tickets start at $69.69 and are on sale now through Eventbrite at https://cloud.broadwayworld.com/rec/ticketclick.cfm?fromlink=2194114®id=2&articlelink=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eventbrite. com%2Fe%2Fximer-the-musical-tickets-397383904957?utm_source=BWW2022&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=article&utm_content=bottombuybutton1. For more information, visit www.ximer.live.

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